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Urban Design Story – Transforming Your House Into Home

Home is a place where memories are created. It is a place where your family resides and friends are welcome forever. Every nook and corner of the house narrates a story. Isn’t it crucial that you make wise choices while planning and decorating the place which is special in your life? Interior designing is just about that. Interior design makes sure that right amount of everything is used at the right place. There are so many creative and innovative ideas that can transform your house completely.

A right choice of furniture can make you living room spacious. Use of mirrors can magically enlarge it and that too without spending so much money. Kids’ room can be decorated in a way that it inspires them and make them happy. There are so many details in a single room which if worked on properly can transform it into a different room. And likewise there are so many out of the box ideas for the balcony, kitchen, dining room and other spaces of you house. A good interior design is based on a minimal use of any space with a great idea. But before any idea it is very important that other parameters are kept in mind like the budget, the space, the time period for the completion of the project.

Urban design story is a team of interior designers in Delhi that have expertise of home and office interior design. We, at urban design story, transform your home or workspace interior in such a way that it tells you a story. We have undertaken so many projects and successfully transformed the spaces with our innovative interior design and creative ideas. We will help distill your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space. Contact us for interior designing consultation also get to see our works to understand how we do it.